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CAPITAL SWEEPER SERVICES maintains a fleet of modern equipment designed for outstanding performance and environmental safety, while also ensuring you the best competitive price. The featured equipment below are examples of our 60-year dedication to providing modern solutions to every service we provide. Links are provided to the Tymco® models 435 and 600, Masco® 1600, and the Nescon XBroom for your further review of the quality equipment we use.

TYMCO® Sweeper models 435 and 600 use their custom-designed True Regenerative Air process.

The Tymco 435 model’s heavy-duty Pick-Up Head incorporates full-width air blast and suction and is designed to work effortlessly with the TYMCO Regenerative Air System to pick up a wide variety of street and construction site debris from leaves and trash to heavy dirt, sand and rocks.

The High Dump Hopper lifts to 72 inches to accommodate large dumpsters and 30-yard containers.

The 32″ diameter Model 435 gutter broom has “smart technology” that automatically determines the required “digging” pressure for different debris and will automatically detect and avoid immovable objects.

Dust Control – the Model 435 is the only mid-sized street sweeper with a high-efficiency centrifugal dust separator for maximum fine dust particulate separation for excellent dust control while also using less water!




Whether your industrial debris is a light powder or thick debris with heavy fines such as metals, our TYMCO 435 & TYMCO 600 will pick it up.

There is no other sweeper system that compares to the TYMCO Regenerative Air System for removing packed-on heavy debris while doing what no mechanical broom sweeper can do – pick up the fine particulates such as micron-size dust and ultrafine sand from pavement cracks and crevices.

Our modern equipment offers the perfect solution to your SWPPP compliance needs. Free Estimates available for all our services.



Tymco 435 Industrial manufacturing
Tymco 600
Masco 1600 Sweeper


TYMCO 435® Mid-Sized Regenerative Air System Sweeper

The TYMCO 435® Mid-Sized model is built using the high-efficiency, time-tested TYMCO Regenerative Air System that provides unprecedented reliability. It also delivers incredible performance and an amazingly clean sweep and it never exhausts polluted air back into the atmosphere like a typical sweeper.

All of this matched up with an enormous amount of storage and the industry’s only hopper that uses the entire roof as a door, and the Model 435 gives you the most versatile mid-sized sweeper available.

MASCO 1600

  • Maximum Operating Speed: 2,800 RPMs
  • 16″ Poly/Steel Broom
  • 3 Yards Of Stainless Steel Hopper Capacity
  • 50 Gallons Of Water Capacity 
  • Head Size of 84″ x 19″

Both the TYMCO® 435 and the MASCO 160 are highly recommended for parking lot sweeping, vacuum/broom sweeping, retail parking lot or parking garage sweeping, property management, or Homeowners Associations. Also used in construction broom street sweeping and industrial facilities.


TYMCO 600®

The TYMCO® Model 600 is quite simply the sweeper that changed the industry. Whether we’re cleaning up on a construction site or sweeping behind a milling machine or road reclaimer, getting the job done with the Model 600 is the right choice.

The TYMCO® 600 offers exceptional environmental benefits, using less water, exceptional dust filtration, and compressed natural gas as fuel. For more information on the Tymco 600®, visit


Extreme efficiency & super productivity of the XBroom allows virtual single pass sweeping cleanup & considerably more sweeping time before dumping than other street sweepers on the market. Check out the XBroom Working Behind a Mill video for a preview.

For more information on the XBroom, visit

Both the TYMCO® 600 and the NESCON XBroom are highly recommended for Also used in construction broom street sweeping and industrial facility sweeping.

graffiti removal


Graffiti Removal Services are performed with high-power pressure washers to remove paint from concrete and metal surfaces.